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HD Streaming Music Lessons

Better World music school is a pioneer in high definition streaming music lessons because we have leveraged the latest technological advancements to offer students a unique and immersive learning experience. Through our high definition streaming platform, students can learn from world-renowned music instructors and receive personalized feedback and support in real-time. Better World music school's commitment to innovation and excellence has enabled us to provide students with an unparalleled learning experience that is both convenient and effective, making it possible for anyone to learn music from the comfort of their own home, regardless of their location or schedule.

Music lessons for all 

Better World Music School is an exceptional choice for students of all ages and levels who are passionate about music. The school is committed to providing the best possible learning experience, with a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping students achieve their musical goals. The school's approach to music education is designed to be engaging, fun, and inspiring, helping students to develop a lifelong love of music.

All instructors at the school are highly trained and experienced musicians who are passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their musical goals. The school's instructors are patient, friendly, and supportive, providing students with a safe and encouraging learning environment. We use a range of teaching methods to suit the individual needs of each student, helping them to progress and develop their skills at their own pace.

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Free technical support

Not Tech savvy? We've got you covered!

Unleash the power of music and transform your life with the Better World Music School.
​Join us for an education that not only enhances your musical abilities, but also elevates your mind, soul, and spirit to a higher level.

BWMS voice instructors are trained in the exclusive vocal technique behind over 120 Grammy Award Winning Singers.

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The finest instructors available to you!

Whether you are seeking music lessons for fun or professionally, Better World Music School has the perfect instructor to fit your needs. Several instructors have from Masters to Post-PHD degree.

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Bringing the high standards of Silicon Valley in California to your home through streaming lessons.


Lessons now also available in  Europe, Asia, and Australia timezones.

* Lessons are offered in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Mandarin.


Fabio Silva Vocal Coach

Fabio Silva

Director / Head Vocal Coach 

Marina Todde


Marina Todde

Kathy Saffas piano teacher

Krystina Carrington

CA Local Operations Supervisor 

Kathy Saffas

Founder / Senior consultant


Free Voice Assessment / Discovery session

Discover your vocal strengths and areas for improvement with a professional assessment by Better World Music School. Get personalized feedback, learn proper techniques, and explore your singing potential. Free voice assessment with Head Vocal Coach, no obligations.

* Available on HD streaming only


HD Streaming Lessons

Next generation streaming lessons with up to 4k image and studio-like sound quality with interactive visual elements.

You've never seen anything like it


(Piano, Voice, Guitar and drums)



Special Introductory Offer

First regular streaming introductory lesson at $25.

*Some in-person lessons may be available at select locations at a different rate. (Discount not available)

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