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Andrei Liquer

Dr. Andrei Liquer - Master piano instructor 


A native of Brazil, Andrei Liquer started his formal piano education at the age of six. Now, at age twenty-eight, he holds a Master's Degree and a Doctorate Degree in Music Psychology and Performance, both of which were completed at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in Brazil. During his time at UFRGS, Liquer was awarded a Brazilian federal scholarship for scientists and graduate students: CAPES - Coordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nivel Superior (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel). In addition, he completed his PhD Residency at the University of Ottawa, Canada "with the highest standards of excellence" in 2020. There, he was part of the group of researchers in the Laboratory of Piano Pedagogy. During his bachelor's degree at the Univerisity of Sao Paulo (USP), he had regular guidance with Miguel Proenca in Rio de Janeiro and Dr. Eduardo Monteiro. Currently, he is studying for his Advanced Graduate Diploma at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, at Roosevelt University, under the guidance of the great pianist, Jorge Federico Osorio.

As a doctoral student, Liquer lectured on themes of "music and emotion" and "music, expresiveness and creativity in congresses and symposia of Music Psychology, always with a focus on children and young students (ages six to sixteen) as instrumentalists. He is the author of articles and papers, in addition to his Master's dissertation and PhD thesis, both the product of substantial research in Music Psychology. In his thesis, he investigated how children six to eleven years old manipulate sound in their search to induce basic emotions (in terms of timbre, timing and phrasing, for example), or how some of their manipulations bring to mind different images, metaphors, stories and emotions.

As a pianist, Andrei has performed all over Brazil and over some parts of Spain. His performances include venues such as the BNDES Auditorium, in Rio de Janeiro; Carlos Gomes Theater in Vitoria; Capela Santa Maria, in Curitiba; Radegundis Feitosa Hall , in Joao Pessoa; Ling Institute, in Porto Alegre; Fundacao Ernesto Frederico Scheffel Museum of Art, in Novo Hamburgo; and Auditori Enric Granados, in Spain.

He has also had experiences with masterclasses with names such as Cristina Ortiz (Brazil), Vadim Rudenko (Russia), Anna Fedorova (Ukraine), Guigla Katsarava (Georgia), Daniel Buranovsky (Slovakia), and Victor Rosenbaum (United States). 

He holds more than fifteen awards. Among those in which he won first place are: The National Competition for Brazilian Music Maestro Spartaco, in Tatui; Arnaldo Estrella Piano Competition, in Juiz de Fora; Edna Bassetti Habith Piano Competition, in Curitiba; Lorenzo Fernandez Piano Competition, in Montes Claros; ArtLivre Piano Competition and Souza Lima Piano Competition, in Sao Paulo; and the prestigious Villa-Lobos Music Competition, in Vitoria, where he also received the award for Best Interpreter of Villa-Lobos.

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