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Anna Pastrana

Anna Pastrana - Advanced piano instructor 

Anna Pastrana is an accomplished pianist and passionate educator with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Roosevelt University in Chicago. She has refined her skills under the mentorship of esteemed instructors such as Irina Timchenko at the Gnesin's Russian School of Music in Moscow, Regina Syrkin at the DePaul Community Division, world-class pianist Jorge Federico Osorio, and Professor Kuang-Hao Huang at Roosevelt University.

Anna’s list of accolades highlights her dedication and expertise. She has earned a silver medal at the Chicago Area Music Teachers Association Sonata-Sonatina Competition (2010), first prize at the DePaul Division Concerto Festival (2011), a gold medal at the same Sonata-Sonatina Competition (2013), third prize at the North Shore Music Teachers Association Piano Competition (2014), and second prize in the formal classical music category at the VIII International Biennial Competition of Piano in Baja California, Mexico.

With a Diploma of Qualification as a performer, teacher, and accompanist from the Gnesin's Russian School of Music, Anna combines her rich educational background with a deep passion for teaching and performance. Her extensive training and diverse experience make her a highly sought-after instructor.

As a seasoned piano teacher with over 7 years of experience, Anna excels at nurturing young pianists, providing personalized lessons that cater to students of all ages and skill levels. Her strong foundation in music theory, along with adaptive teaching methods, allows her to inspire and motivate her students to reach their full potential. Anna is particularly adept at engaging children, using creative approaches that make learning both enjoyable and effective. Her patience, enthusiasm, and ability to adapt her teaching style to the unique needs of each child foster a love for music and a solid foundation in piano.

Anna’s students consistently achieve remarkable success, including winning medals at the Chicago Area Music Teachers Association (CAMTA) Sonata/Sonatina Festival. Her teaching experience includes individual and group classes at prestigious institutions. Anna's mastery of various piano methods ensures that each child receives a comprehensive and well-rounded musical education.

Anna’s ability to connect with children, coupled with her meticulous attention to student progress and her vibrant teaching style, makes her an exceptional piano instructor for young learners. Her dedication to fostering a positive and engaging learning experience helps children develop not only their musical skills but also their confidence and love for music.

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