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Fabio Silva Vocal Coach Belting

Fabio Silva - Director / Head Vocal Coach

"Welcome to Better World Music School, where we believe that music has the power to inspire and transform lives. Our school offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for students of all ages and skill levels to discover their love for music. With a focus on creating a positive and supportive community, our experienced instructors strive to help each student reach their full potential and achieve their musical goals. Whether you are looking to learn a new instrument, improve your skills, or simply explore your creative side, we are dedicated to providing you with the resources and guidance you need to succeed. Come join us at Better World Music School and let's make beautiful music together! "



  • Certified as Vocal Technique Instructor through IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement)

  • Speech Level Singing instructor.

  • Professional vocal experience as Universal music singer.

Fabio Silva, a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has lived and breathed music since childhood, making it an inseparable part of his soul. His musical journey began in the Catholic Church, where gospel music captivated his heart during weekly masses with his parents.

Joining the children's choir at the tender age of 7, Fabio's exceptional musical abilities caught the attention of the adult choir, leading him to join their ranks at just 10 years old. His passion for music only intensified as he delved into playing the keyboard at age 12. A significant milestone in his musical voyage was being invited to become a keyboard player and background singer for a professional gospel band in Rio de Janeiro, where he flourished until he turned 18.

While Fabio embarked on a corporate career later in life, his love for music remained steadfast. He graced wedding ceremonies, parties, and events with his enchanting voice on weekends, never letting go of his true passion.

The turning point in his life arrived when he was bestowed the remarkable opportunity to be the lead singer of a band in Brazil. Seizing the moment, Fabio wholeheartedly embraced the project, leaving behind his corporate job to immerse himself in the world of music.

Fate smiled upon Fabio and his band when their music producer shared demos with Universal Music, the world's largest music label. The executives were enthralled by the band's talent, leading to a momentous signing with Universal Music. With their first video, "Disque Sim," becoming an instant hit on YouTube Brazil, the band soared to popularity, touring the nation and leaving a trail of mesmerized fans in their wake.

Though the band's journey ended prematurely due to internal disagreements, Fabio's unwavering passion for music drove him to the United States. There, he sought to refine his vocal technique and embark on a solo singing career.

Studying Speech Level Singing (SLS) several years ago, Fabio discovered a transformative technique that instilled positive changes in his own voice. This profound experience sparked a new aspiration within him—to become a vocal coach. His dedication to learning and improving his craft led him to become an IVA certified instructor (Institute for Vocal Advancement), and he continues to deepen his expertise in SLS through this prestigious institution. 

This vocal technique has played a pivotal role in propelling Grammy Award-winning singers to legendary status by unleashing their full vocal potential. Renowned for its transformative approach, SLS equips vocalists with the skills to achieve seamless transitions between registers while maintaining a balanced vocal mechanism, fostering unparalleled vocal control and expressiveness. With SLS, Grammy-winning artists have honed their unique voices, delivering captivating performances that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. By minimizing vocal strain and maximizing vocal flexibility, SLS enables these legendary singers to sustain their vocal health over time, empowering them to create timeless music and leave an enduring legacy in the annals of music history.

Years of tireless studies and teaching experience led Fabio to create his unique and groundbreaking vocal technique called "Beltix." By optimizing and combining principles of SLS with insights into the structure of vocal folds, low larynx posture, acoustics, and resonance expansion in the vocal tract, "Beltix" enhances expression, contrast, and control over singers' voices like never before.

Fabio Silva's prowess as a vocal coach is truly exceptional. Drawing from his extensive background in the music industry, he has crafted a teaching style that is both effective and engaging. He possesses an uncanny ability to recognize and nurture the hidden potential in each of his students, guiding them to elevate their vocal technique and reach new heights in their musical abilities. Every lesson with Fabio exudes his passion for music and dedication to his craft, inspiring and motivating his students to embrace their full artistic potential.

For anyone seeking to unlock their true vocal potential, whether for personal fulfillment or professional aspirations, Fabio Silva is the perfect mentor to guide them on their transformative musical journey. With his guidance, students can embrace their unique voices and flourish as singers, empowered by the invaluable expertise of an extraordinary vocal coach.


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