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Fahcoo Burgos

Fahcoo Burgos - Advanced Vocal instructor 


Fahcoo Burgos is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who discovered his passion for music at a young age, growing up in a household where art was a constant presence. Influenced by his mother, a piano teacher, his love for music took root deeply.

From his earliest memories, Fahcoo explored music through singing, experimented with the piano, and received a guitar as a gift from his mother. At the age of 10, he was selected to join a youth choir, an experience that introduced him to harmonies and vocal arrangements.

Deciding to delve deeper into the world of singing, Fahcoo learned from several instructors until he found a mentor who played an instrumental role in refining his technique and shaping his career over seven transformative years. Simultaneously, he ventured into music recording, leading him to enroll in a music conservatory to study music production, theory, and piano. Over the past five years, he has been composing, producing his music, and collaborating with other artists, gaining valuable experience in various recording studios.

A career highlight for Fahcoo came from participating in The Voice in Latin America, where he reached the semifinals. His expressive performances captivated coaches, leading to a record deal with Universal Music Group, where he is currently working on releasing his debut single.

In his pursuit of a better understanding of the voice, Fahcoo explored different vocal techniques, requiring him to rebuild his singing from the ground up several times. This deepened his interest in vocal proficiency. Encouraged by his instructor, he became certified in Richard Cross's teacher training, a pedagogy for teaching voice lessons.

He later discovered the modern vocal technique, where he was finally exposed to the revolutionary transformative Mix/SLS vocal technique. Introduced to the Modern Vocal Training Institute by his vocal coach, Fahcoo made the transition from student to becoming an instructor. He marveled at witnessing rapid and significant progress in his own students and the power of this modern method. As a certified teacher, Fahcoo continues his education at MVT.

Surprised by the joy he found in teaching, Fahcoo embraced the fulfillment of guiding his students' journey and witnessing their growth.

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