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Giordanno Barbieri

Giordanno Barbieri - Expert piano instructor 


Giordanno Barbieri is a distinguished pianist, keyboardist, and music producer, renowned not only for his exceptional talent but also for his extraordinary skills as a piano instructor.


His musical journey commenced at the age of 4, and under the guidance of mentors such as Paulo Dorfman, Michel Dorfman, and Rafael Vernet, he successfully earned a Bachelor's degree in Popular Music. Currently, Giordanno is furthering his expertise by pursuing a Master's in Jazz.

Remarkably, Giordanno entered the professional music scene at the age of 14, marking the beginning of a prolific career. He has recorded and performed with a myriad of artists from southern Brazil and the Rio - São Paulo axis, gracing stages at major music festivals.


His collaborations include performances with renowned acts such as Serginho Moah, Claus e Vanessa, Chimarruts, as well as international artists like João Lucas e Marcelo (USA tour) and Cadica Danças e Ritmos (China Tour).

In 2016, Giordanno relocated to Los Angeles, where he made significant contributions to performances and recordings with esteemed artists like James East, Grecco Buratto, Sônia Santos, and Prince Alonzo.


Notably, Giordanno has collaborated and toured with a roster of notable international artists, including Berg, Filipe Gonçalves, David Carreira, Julinho KSD, Rita Rocha, Syro, and many others.

Beyond his remarkable performance career, Giordanno stands out as an extraordinary piano instructor. His credentials, including a Bachelor's degree in Popular Music and ongoing pursuit of a Master's in Jazz, underscore his dedication to musical education. Giordanno brings a wealth of professional experience, making him an inspiring and insightful guide for students seeking to explore the world of piano and music production.

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