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Kathy Saffas - Founder/ Senior Consultant /Advanced piano instructor 



  • Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • 40 Years of Teaching Experience

  • Advanced Training with the Estill Voice Training System

  • 8 Years Vocal Training with Renowned Opera Coach Dietrich Erbelding

  • Over 50 Years of Music and Dance Performance Experience

Having been raised by parents who were both music teachers and performers, Kathleen’s life from the very beginning has revolved around the performing arts. Piano and dance lessons were started at the age of 6, then 8 years of Oboe lessons while performing with various orchestras followed. Literally…she has been performing on stage for over 50 years in a wide variety of musical and dance activites.

Realizing the University system uses “old school” knowledge to teach singing technique, Kathy invested in several workshops for the Estill Voice Training System, a highly successful and quick method that shortens the learning curve substantially for most students. If you want to learn how to belt without growing nodes on your vocal chords, sing your low notes as loud as your high notes, sing all the way up to the whistle range, and change the color of your voice to match whatever style of song you are singing at the moment, Kathy has a huge bag of tricks to get you there FAST!

She also spends time in researching the latest piano teaching methods so as to stay current with new and improved ways to teach this beautiful instrument.

Last but not least…Kathleen is a people person. She loves teaching so much that when she is in a lesson she is as happy as a thoroughbred on a race track. She loves working with children, teens, adults, and seniors. 

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