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Kevin Coleman - drums instructor


Drummer Kevin Coleman has steadily climbed his way to the top of the music scene in the Bay Area and beyond. His ability to wear multiple hats allows him to be involved in a wide variety of music genres and scenes.  

In middle school, Kevin began playing gigs, with a band he joined along with some older high school kids from his neighborhood. They played parties, talent shoes, and local punk shows at roller rinks, arcades, and other all-ages venues. This led Kevin to play with a  classic rock cover band in the South Bay Area, giving him the chance to perform live on local radio station 98.5 KFOX when he was just 16 years old.

For college, Kevin attended the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, California. He then migrated to the East Bay, where he resides today and performs often. At the CJC, Kevin studied under world-renowned musicians, included drummer Jeff Marrs, Alan Hall, Brazilian musician Marcos Silva, and Latin Jazz artist John Santos. He also studied jazz and improv techniques with teachers Jeff Denson, John Grove, and Glenn Richman. 

After graduating from the CJC, Kevin has become an in-demand freelance drummer around the Bay Area and throughout the greater West Coast. He's currently a drummer in The Tony Glaser Band, Night Animals, Curt Yagi, Project Queue, Future Myth, UT Kirin, and The Early Comebacks. In addition, Kevin co-leads jazz projects with his close friend and collaborator Tristan Norton. Their projects include modern jazz quartet, Knew and a funk & soul-jazz organ trio, N.C.G.  

Highlights in Kevin's career include touring across the U.S., opening for bands like Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks, Cheap Trick, and Scarlett Sails (Brian Viglione of Dresden Dolls, and Violent Femmes), and recording albums in legendary Bay Area studios including Popsmear Studios in San Rafael, Skyline studios in Oakland, and Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.

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