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Lincoln Thiengo - Expert piano instructor 


Lincoln is a multifaceted musician with expertise as a pianist, composer, producer, and music educator. Currently pursuing a PhD in Music Education, he holds a Master's degree in Music, showcasing his dedication to academic and artistic pursuits.

With four albums of instrumental piano music to his credit, Lincoln has firmly established himself as a versatile and accomplished musician. His career spans various roles, including choir conductor in churches, music teacher in elementary and high schools, and piano instructor in conservatories. With an extensive fourteen-year tenure in music education, Lincoln has honed his craft working with students of diverse ages, encompassing children, youth, and adults.

What sets Lincoln apart as an inspiring contemporary piano teacher is his commitment to innovative research and pedagogy. His doctoral focus on music education for the elderly within choral contexts underscores his dedication to inclusivity and accessibility in music learning. Moreover, his Master's thesis delved into classical music listening education for children, reflecting his passion for nurturing young minds through music appreciation.

Beyond academia, Lincoln is actively engaged in composing and producing soundtracks for commercials, showcasing his versatility in various musical genres. His creations, ranging from Epic to New Age instrumental music, are available on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, further amplifying his impact and reach in the music industry.

In essence, Lincoln's blend of academic rigor, practical experience, and artistic creativity makes him a truly inspiring and contemporary piano teacher, enriching the lives of his students with both technical expertise and a profound passion for music.

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