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Marcello D'Angelo Squillace- Advanced Guitar / Ukulele instructor 


Marcello  embarked on his musical journey at the age of seven, delving into the realm of music through piano lessons. His fascination with the acoustic guitar led him to classical guitar studies at a local conservatory by the age of fourteen.

In a quest to broaden his musical expertise, Marcello immersed himself in the study of the electric guitar, exploring diverse genres such as pop, jazz, blues, and rock. He kickstarted his career as a sideman, contributing to local bands. Academically, Marcello pursued a communication course at the university, delving into music soundtracks and sound design in a media-oriented studio. This academic journey paved the way for his involvement in recordings, soundtrack productions, and active participation in the local music scene, ultimately earning him a bachelor's degree in communication.

Motivated by a relentless pursuit of improvement, Marcello then pursued a bachelor's degree in popular guitar at a prestigious music college. During this period, the Blú Jazz Trio was formed in 2008, marking the beginning of a enduring musical partnership.

Upon relocating to Atlanta to study under the mentorship of Bruno Speight, Marcello honed his funk-soul techniques by blending a variety of influences. While there, he engaged with the local music scene, collaborating with Latin musicians and earning invitations to join them, solidifying his reputation as a versatile and globally influenced guitarist.

In subsequent years, Marcello became a vital member of the Soul to Soul backup band for American blues singer JJ Jackson. Additionally, he recorded his debut EP, "Ménage au Fromage," with his quartet and attained a bachelor's degree in electric guitar.

Known for his high musical knowledge, Marcello has become a sought-after musician and producer. His collaborations with notable artists worldwide showcased his versatility and competence in the field.

Education and knowledge-sharing held significant importance in Marcelo's musical life. He consistently shared his musical expertise through teaching. Recognizing the profound influence of music on intellectual and psychological well-being, Marcello pursued and successfully completed a post-graduation in Music Therapy in 2021.

Today, Marcello stands as a versatile guitarist, arranger, guitar instructor and producer, actively contributing his talents to music events. Marcello remains dedicated to his art while staying true to his beliefs in both music and education. His exceptional skills as a guitar instructor continue to inspire and shape the next generation of musicians.

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