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Melanie Jane Edwards vocal coach

Melanie Jane Edwards - Advanced Vocal instructor 


Melanie Jane Edwards is a bilingual (Spanish/English) MVT certified level SLS vocal coach, recognized for her pioneering efforts in creative education. In the early 2000s, she became one of the first individuals to introduce hip-hop into schools, leveraging it to help numerous young people discover and unlock their vocal abilities for the first time. With a passion for guiding individuals in finding their voices, Melanie brings two decades of experience to her role, specializing in producing multi-genre projects, teaching songwriting, and urban theater.

Over the past six years, Melanie has focused extensively on vocal coaching, providing instruction in vocal technique, songwriting, and artistry. Her dedication to nurturing talent has made her an influential figure in the music education landscape.

Melanie's music career spans over 20 years, beginning with her debut release on UK drum and bass producer Roni Size's label "Fullcycle" in the early 2000s. Since then, she has consistently delivered releases on various labels, fronted several music projects, and garnered recognition on national and international radio, as well as in magazines across the UK, Europe, and North and South America.

Her latest musical endeavor, "Ulula Roots," is a multi-genre world bass group that seamlessly integrates her vast experience across different musical genres and vocal styles into a monumental body of work.

As a vocal coach, Melanie has worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including soul, jazz, indie rock, singer-songwriter, hip hop, trap, R&B, rock, folkloric, alternative, and ceremonial music. Her expertise shines in bringing beginners to the stage, helping them achieve their dreams, and assisting new artists in creating demos and preparing for auditions.

Melanie Jane Edwards stands as a multifaceted artist and educator, continuously inspiring and empowering individuals to explore and express their vocal talents across a spectrum of musical genres. Her innovative approach to education and commitment to fostering creativity make her a driving force in the world of vocal coaching

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