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Moah Lee - Advanced piano instructor 



  • Bachelor of Arts in Piano

  • Attended prestigious music academy in Korea from age 6 and on.

  • Received secondary degree in vocal performance

  • 16 years teaching experience with 50 students a week

Ms. Moah Terry is an accomplished musician from South Korea with 16 years of piano teaching experience.

Her father, a musician and artist, inspired her to pursue music from a young age. Although shy, she found she could express herself best through music, singing, and dance. At age six, her mother enrolled her in a music academy, and so began her formal music education. In addition to playing piano, she was also enrolled in musical groups, playing recorder and singing in her elementary school’s choir, and attended many competitions and recitals.

Moah attended Jaeneung University in Incheon and majored in piano, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in 2005 with the goal of teaching classical piano. Moah started teaching her first students at eighteen years of age. She also pursued a second major in vocal performance. This expanded on the choir experience she had gained while in elementary school, and she enjoyed it immensely. 

After graduating from college, she became a full time teacher, working side by side with experienced teachers and picking up their methods and skills. After all these years, Moah still loves teaching, as well as the students she teaches!

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