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Philip Cytrynowicz -  Expert Drums instructor


Philip is not only an exceptional drummer but also an amazing drums teacher. His extensive experience of playing the drums professionally since the age of 15 gives him a deep understanding of the instrument and its various styles and techniques. With over a thousand concerts under his belt, performed in renowned cities worldwide, he has honed his skills in diverse genres such as rock, jazz, folk, and electronic music.

One of the key factors that sets Philip apart as a teacher is his invaluable learning journey with renowned mentors like Ralph Peterson, John Ramsay, Kiko Freitas, Edu Ribeiro, Bob Gullotti, Casey Scheuerell, Kenwood Dennard, and Ari Hoenig. Their mentorship has equipped Philip with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he enthusiastically shares with his students.

As a graduate of Berklee, Philip holds a dual major in jazz composition and performance, showcasing his dedication and commitment to his craft. This formal education, combined with his practical experience, allows him to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to teaching drums.

Philip's passion for teaching shines through in his interactions with his students. He finds joy in helping aspiring drummers unlock their potential, guiding them on their own musical journeys. His teaching style is not only informative but also inspiring, creating a positive and motivating environment for his students to thrive.

Whether it's introducing beginners to the fundamentals of drumming or working with more advanced students on intricate techniques and musicality, Philip tailors his instruction to each individual's needs and goals. His patience, encouragement, and ability to break down complex concepts make him an effective and sought-after drums teacher.

Through Philip's guidance, students not only gain technical proficiency but also develop a deep appreciation for the art of drumming. He fosters a love for music and nurtures creativity, allowing his students to explore their own unique voices on the drums.

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