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Renan madeira piano instructor

Dr. Renan Madeira - Master piano instructor 


Renan was highly influenced by the competence of his first piano teachers in his decision to become a music educator himself. Bearing that objective in mind, he began his undergraduate studies in piano performance at age 19, and his interest in piano pedagogy was decisive in his decision to look for more qualification after completing his Bachelor's degree. Presently, at age 30, he holds a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate Degree in Music Psychology and Piano Performance, both obtained at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), home to the most prestigious graduate program in music in Brazil. He has performed several piano recitals with programs ranging from Bach to the French Impressionists and contemporary Latin-American works. He has also performed in masterclasses for world renowned pianists, such as Cristina Ortiz (Brazil), Guigla Katsarava (Georgia/France), Marina Lomazov (Ukraine/USA), and Solungga Fang-Tzu Liu (Taiwan/USA).

As a scholar, Renan has completed a research internship at the University of Minnesota (2019-2020), where he worked under the supervision of Dr Guerino Mazzola, one of the world's leading music theorists in activity. He has lectured extensively in themes pertaining to Music Psychology, focusing on the role of sensory feedback (auditory, visual and kinesthetic/muscle) in piano learning. Recently, results from his research have been published in the journal Psychology of Music, the most influential publication in the field. In 2023, he will start a postdoctoral appointment at McGill University (Montreal/Canada) where he will work with motion capture techniques as a means to assess fine-grained movements associated with piano practice and performance.

Renan has also received training in the Suzuki Method, which granted him great proficiency for working with children. His extensive training, acquired through years of serious piano practice under the tutelage of eminent teachers, gives him in-depth knowledge of repertoire and technique necessary to teach advanced students. In short, Renan is an enthusiast of piano pedagogy, whose activity has been informed by the most recent findings of research and a vast knowledge of extant pedagogical methods and materials.

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