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Rob Bonstin - Instructor


Rob Bonstin is a seasoned performer with four decades of experience as a vocalist and performer. Having honed his skills under the guidance of renowned voice teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area, some of whom have instructed iconic figures like Barbra Streisand and Sammy Hagar, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge to his teaching.

His musical journey traces back to his childhood, where a constant stream of music filled his home through LP records played by his family. Developing an early passion for collecting LP records, Rob immersed himself in memorizing lyrics and singing along. His journey into music evolved as he joined rock bands with friends and performed in local theaters and schools, showcasing his talents.

Throughout his career, Rob pursued a path in music, forming and joining numerous rock bands, and acquiring proficiency in keyboards and guitar along the way. Seeking guidance from esteemed voice instructors such as Judy Davis and Claudine Spindt in the Bay Area, he also delved into piano lessons and learned guitar from friends. Rob's musical ventures extended to playing in local clubs and eventually performing in bar bands.

The transition to teaching began with offering performace lessons to bandmates, ensuring harmonization and vocal prowess.


Committed to ongoing musical education, consistently taking music lessons to refine his skills. Engaged in various music projects and bands, he continues to apply his expertise in performance.

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