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Roland Sayn - Guitar / bass/ piano/ ukulele instructor


  • B.A. from SF State University in Jazz Guitar

  • Performed at Yoshi's, Great American Music Hall, Fillmore, & more

  • Recorded with several bands as Guitarist for cutting  CDs

  • The go-to recording artist for songwriter David Mikael of Glee t.v.

Roland has had success using a methodical approach in his guitar teaching. Pulling out short sections of music, he encourages students to learn how to play these small sections on every string and on several different places on the fret. This makes for encouraging lessons because the student is able to accomplish something new every lesson, and quickly gets a feel for all areas of the instrument.

Roland has been playing guitar for 16 years, and his insatiable desire to learn everything he hears has contributed to his vast knowledge and ability to play just about any type of music. His performance credits include venues like Yoshi’s, Great American Music Hall, Fillmore San Francisco, Berkeley Playhouse, and Pinole Playhouse. He has recorded with several bands as the guitarist for their CD, and became the go to recording artist for David Mikael, the songwriter/vocal coach for the famous T.V. show Glee.

Blues, Rock, Jazz are all up his ally at Better World Music! Give this soft spoken, patient teacher a try as his current students will attest….Roland rocks. And will help you do the same!

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