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Sofia Lozano vocal coach

Sofia Skot - Master Vocal instructor 


Sofia is a highly accomplished vocal instructor with an impressive array of credentials that set her apart as a true maestro in the world of music. With a Masters in Music Pedagogy from the esteemed University of La Rioja in Spain and a decade of experience as a vocal coach and trainer, Sofia possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide singers of all ages, including children, on their musical journey.

Sofia's expertise shines as she specializes in the renowned Speech Level Singing Technique, recognized as the #1 healthy approach to Pop singing and made famous by Seth Riggs, the revered vocal coach behind over 120 Grammy Award winners. Her proficiency extends across diverse musical styles, making her a versatile mentor for aspiring vocalists seeking to explore their full potential.

As an accomplished soloist, recording session singer, and background vocalist, Sofia brings a wealth of firsthand experience to her lessons, enriching the learning process with real-world insights. Additionally, she has served as a vocal technique lecturer, sharing her knowledge and passion for music with eager learners since 2018.

Beyond her exceptional qualifications, Sofia's unique talent as a vocal health first aider sets her apart as a truly caring and empathetic instructor. With a keen eye for identifying signs of vocal dysfunction and imbalance, she is adept at aiding those seeking vocal recovery from damage and preventing future injuries, ensuring her students' well-being remains a top priority.

With a warm and friendly demeanor, Sofia creates a nurturing and enjoyable atmosphere for her students, ensuring that each lesson is not only educational but also a delightful experience. Whether you're a seasoned performer or just beginning your musical journey, Sofia's guidance will undoubtedly elevate your vocal skills, instill confidence, and nurture your passion for music. Step into the world of music with Sofia as your guide, and watch your voice soar to new heights under her expert tutelage.

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